Step 1: First contact

Please call us or send us an e-mail with your telephone number. We get to know each other by phone and exchange first information without any obligation. We look forward to getting to know you! Or simply come to a training with us.

Step 2: Job interview

If you are interested in what we do, then simply apply for a closer and completely non-binding introduction. Either by LINK or mail or just give us a call. In a personal interview we will show you one of our schools, talk about YOUNG-UNG-Taekwondo, about our schools, about your chances and possibilities. Of course we are also interested in what your ideas, goals and thoughts are. What have you done so far, how do you imagine your further professional path, are the right conditions on both sides? And if we both – you and us – are ready to take the next step, we will invite you to the next level.

Step 3: YU-Day and casting

Your participation is still completely without obligation. The YU-Day is a big, public and free event organized by YOUNG-UNG in one of our schools. All day long there will be trainings, demonstrations and information. You can join the training, talk to all trainers and students and get to know all of us. You can see and experience everything: Hyong demos, spectacular break tests, acrobatics and children’s demonstrations – and last but not least you will get to know Grandmaster Dr. Andreas Held, 6th Dan, system founder and CEO, personally. And just for franchise applicants, there will be a detailed presentation of the franchise system, insights into contents, processes and numbers and you can ask all questions on this day – just on this day. In addition, both you and we can gain deeper insights in a franchise assessment, how well we assess our joint chances of success. And if it works out well for both of us – you and us – then we move on to the next level.

Step 4: Preliminary contract and home study

With a preliminary contract we declare our mutual, fundamental interest in a franchise partnership and that we will adhere to the rules for the trial period until a prospective franchise contract is signed. Because only serious and promising applicants will receive an invitation to participate in all trainings for the next four weeks without obligation and free of charge. At the same time you will receive documents for a four-week home study about Taekwondo, the holding of trainings, our marketing, as well as basic knowledge in sports science and business. At the end of the course we will have a conversation in which we are curious to see how you like everything so far and whether you have been able to acquire the basic knowledge.

Step 5: Six months of Trainer Academy + practice

After that, the main part of your franchise training begins: six months of practice and participation in the YU Trainer Academy with lots of training and information. The YU Trainers Academy includes theoretical units as well as a lot of Taekwondo training. You will learn how to set up a YU school, how to open and manage a YU school successfully, how to get to customers, how to plan and design trainings. Some of the other contents are for example physiology, training theory, sports psychology, anatomy, first aid, all YU concepts for infants, for children, for teenagers and adults, ethics, personality training, sales training and much more. In addition, you will experience the practice in one of our schools and take part in as many trainings as possible. At the end there will be an evaluation again. This may sound very comprehensive, but it gives us both the certainty that you as a franchise partner are very likely to enjoy this vocation and will be very successful.

Step 6: Franchise contract

If both of us – you and we – are now sure after this intensive training that you will be successful as a franchise partner in the long term and that you now want to start your own YU-TAEKWONDO school, then we will conclude our franchise contract together. Of course, you have already had the opportunity to examine this contract intensively long before – starting with level 3.

Step 7: business plan, starting plan

Now it really gets down to business – we work together to develop your individual business plan with all the necessary checklists and practical considerations: when is what to do and what comes next. Together with you, we prepare the financing and the implementation of the entire start-up plan in practice.

Step 8: Training location – search and reconstruction

You need a training venue, a dojang – and at the latest now the search becomes concrete. Since our franchise partners know their region best, they search for the location themselves and usually we rent it and then lease it to our franchise partners. The conversion and equipment will be planned, external offers will be obtained and compared with our own conversion offer. Our own experienced conversion team is available for the conversion, who already know exactly what and how to do. This is why we have always been able to undercut external conversion offers significantly.

Step 9: Planning the opening

Their launch should be successful as soon as possible. That’s why we plan for you and with you in detail the whole opening of your school: how to successfully promote the opening, we develop posters, flyers, timetable together, plan how to get many new customers quickly, how to arrange the first lessons, how to start your organisation smoothly and much more.

Step 10: Successful opening!

And finally the time has come – your first customers come in, want to be informed and advised and start training as your students. Now you can see how valuable the whole preparation was – after only a few months you can be in profit with your school! This is how success goes!